Book: Clothing, Society and Culture

Clothing, Society and Culture in Nineteenth-Century England

General Editor: Clare Rose
Volume Editors: Clare Rose and Vivienne Richmond
3 Volume Set: 1328pp: December 2010
978 1 84893 012 4: 234x156mm: £275.00/$495.00

Recently, the history of clothing has been the subject of intense scholarly interest, but there has been a shortage of source material available. This three-volume collection redresses the balance, bringing together rare documents and unpublished manuscript material in both reset and facsimile form. The volumes cover the economics of buying and selling clothes, the art of dressmaking and its democratization and issues specific to working class dress during the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Volume 1 examines clothing from a commercial perspective and contains material from retailers’ catalogues, advertizements, pricelists, posters and dressmakers’ manuals. Illustrations are reproduced in facsimile while print material is presented in reset format. Volume 2 concentrates on changing social attitudes and dress reform, including a series of articles by or about Oscar Wilde. Other sources come from a variety of newspaper and magazine articles, extracts from books and the lyrics of comic songs. Volume 3 looks at the problems and solutions which were faced by the working classes in their consumption of clothing. Various perspectives are examined through parish newsletters and reports, as well as other local and national sources, to produce a picture of hardship and deprivation tempered with charity and ingenuity.  

This edition will not only be invaluable to those studying clothing but also to social historians and those with an interest in retailing and consumption.  

  • Full editorial apparatus: general introduction, headnotes, endnotes and volume introductions
  • Includes previously unpublished manuscript documents
  • Includes facsimile pages from retailers’ catalogues, newspaper advertizements and dressmakers’ manuals
  • Consolidated index in the final volume

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  1. Julia Burde says:

    Dear Clare Rose,
    we met yesterday at the conference ›Zeichen und Symbole‹. We were talking about records/registrations of garments as sources for researching the history of the paletôt and I have to thank you for your instructive remarks. Did I understood well, that I can find further information in›Clothing, Society and Culture in Nineteenth-Century England‹ ?
    kindest regards
    Julia Burde
    Meerscheidtsraße 1
    14057 Berlin

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