Art Nouveau Fashion 1890 -1914

OPera Cloak from Marshall and Snelgrove, London c1895

My book, ‘Art Nouveau Fashion 1890-1914’ will be published by V&A Publishing in September – the¬†preview copies are now out and looking handsome. It was a privilege to work with so many beautiful objects and documents in the V&A collections – I was really spoilt for choice. Researching it I found out so much fascinating information that it couldn’t all be included. One theme that came through very strongly was the rivalry between couturiers in Paris, London and New York – fashion was a cut-throat business, with designs being pirated and corners being cut in order to secure prestigious commissions. No less a person than Queen Alexandra of England had to swear her fashion advisors to secrecy to avoid being upstaged at her own coronation!

I will be posting more from the book over the next few months, meanwhile here is the cover image:

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